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Can you help your body resist cancer and rebuild if you change your toxic internal environment? According to Dr. Kim Dalzell, nationally recognized expert in oncology nutrition, author and professional speaker, the answer is yes—if you apply the laws of nature to your life. Mother Nature provides you with very powerful tools that you can use every day to help your body create an environment that is resistant to diseases like cancer. Combined with traditional medical treatment, this one-two punch can lay the groundwork for healing miracles.
Cancer Survivors and Caregivers can get motivated, obtain sound nutrition advice, and improve
odds for survival—there are so many ways to support your
healing journey!
Health Care Professionals can learn about new resources to assist patients, read about nutritional controversies in cancer care, or hear Kim speak to the hospital staff or local community.
Executive Wellness Coordinators and meeting planners can hire Kim for a wellness workshop or retreat, or have Kim design customized nutrition programs for
team members.
corporations are invited to join forces with Kim in
support of nature-based health.
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